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What might it mean to "live into" the scriptures as a means to experience the Good Life? On Sunday, March 22, Bethlehem worshippers were invited to do that with the Parable of the Talents from Matthew 25. After worship, willing participants were encouraged to receive financial resources and figure out ways to "multiply" those resources over the next few weeks.

Thank you to those partaking in the Good Life Challenge! Pass along your stories here and remember to turn in your multiplied gift by Sunday, May 3.  For members who hold Thrivent Financial policies, the deadline to receive an extra $250 grant has been extended to April 13. On Sunday, April 12 following worship at 9 & 10:15 am, Bethlehem member and Thrivent employee Gwenn Branstad will be available in the Gallery to help answer questions about the Thrivent grant process. 


Click here for more information about the Good Life Challenge.

Pastor Chris' Travels in India

Yesterday was a day of rest and preparation, after 20 some hours of travel. The good news was both flight were on time, and when I arrived in Bangalore, an old friend, Devaputra James was waiting for me. He dropped me at the hotel after 1am...

There was a reception last night to which I was invited, for reasons I don't understand. It seems the General Manager of the St. Mark's Hotel wanted the foreigners (and folks from other places in India) to meet each other and him. So in this small group, there were two Americans, a German, a man from France, one from Japan, another from Israel, a couple from Punjab, and a woman from Australia. Because English is the "lingua franca" of India (one of the "gifts" of English colonialism), we all spoke English. Good thing for me; I'm sure most were bi or tri-lingual!

Today was a great day! Some fifty pastors and church leaders were at the United Theological College. We were on the second floor; it was un- air conditioned, but fans kept the air moving... I have learned over the years to not speak too fast, so that folks can follow my American accent. And we began a rollicking conversation about preaching, and the ins and outs of it all.

Bangalore traffic is probably all I need to say about that... Those of us in the Twin Cities have NO idea what a traffic jam is... The only good thing about it is that no one is able to go fast enough to hurt anyone else...

Tomorrow, we will finish the seminar. I look forward to more good conversation. I took some pictures, but when I looked at them just now, they are dreadful! I tried to edit them, and even that couldn't help. So I will try again tomorrow.

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